We at the waikiki shopping plaza and waikiki business plaza have used or recommended Ace Glass Tinting on eight(8) different jobs in the last few years. Our jobs ranged from small two windows (36 sq. ft.) to a very difficult job of having to climb through the ceiling to remove paint from seven arched glass panels (3,000 sq. ft.) on our building facia and replacing them with glass tint.


Glass tinting has been the cheapest and best way to solve our window heat and glare problems. The results have been very good. We always get good comments from our workers, tenants and customers about noticable reduction of heat and glare.


Personally I like working with Keith Kishi because his prices are reasonable and he is reliable, efficient and accomodating. I would recommend Ace Glass Tinting to anyone without hesitation.

Guy Seu, VR/Propert Mgt.

This letter is to thank you for the great job you did on our windows and doors.


It is so wonderful, we can already tell the difference in temperature even though it has been unseasonably cool. We don't even have to pull the blinds anymore to stop the sun from coming in and fading our furniture and art work.


You went above and beyond what our expectations were. My husband says, "we should have had this done five years ago."


Again, thank you and I will be sure and recommend you to others.

Marsha Tanslinger, Office Administrator

Thank you very much for your glass tinting services for installation of the Huper Optik 40 ceramic film on our meeting rooms (Rooms 516 % 517). This film has improved the quality of our meeting rooms by reducing the heat load without the reflective glare of most window tint film.


Please contact me at (808) 956-1111 ext. 4057 or by e-mail at Rsuzumoto@hiprince.com if you have any questions.

Rod Suzumoto, Director of Engineering

Ace Tinting tinted Paradise Cruise offices on the 6th and 7th floors of Aloha Tower and on the Star of Honolulu (1500 passenger Dinner Cruise Ship). The tinting significantly reduced heat and glare in the interior spaces, reducing air conditioning costs and making guests more comfortable. All work was done in a timely and efficient manner, and I have never had to call them regarding any problems. I highly recommend Keith and his staff for a job well done.

Lynn A. Wigen, Manager of Engineering and Maintenance

The Board of Directors for The Consulate approved your request to tint your apartment windows subject to the tint material being Huper Ceramic 40 by Huper Optik.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 593-6319.

Ronald T. Kobashigawa, CPM

I would like to congratulate you and your company for doing a superior tinting job on Nauru Tower, We have experienced a cooler environment in our beautiful lounge and lobby area due to the tinting that cuts down the ultraviolet ray, heat and is also protecting our furniture from fading. Being that this building is surrounded by glass windows it attracts the sun and creates a very hot environment. The window tinting has tresmendously cut down the heat and glare and we are now experiencing a cool and comfortable atmoshpere.


Here at Nauru Tower our owner's, tenant's and visitor's are now enjoying the comfort ofour lobby and lounge as the tinting created a great addition of protection and serenity to their home.


Your employees were accurate, fast and courteous and worked with minimum direction. I am very thankful for the entire staff and their cooperation.


On behalf of myself and everyone here at Naura Tower, thank you for a job well done an we wish you a great success!

Duane A. Komine (ARM) Residential Manager

On Saturday morning, Feb. 21, 2004, you installed the Huber Optik Ceramic 30 window film to our unit here at the Queen Victoria Residences. It was completed by early afternoon when the sun was at its hottest. We noticed a marked improvement in the coolness of the unit as compared to our adjusting the air conditioning unit to a cooler setting as we usally do every day. It certainly has made living here more comfortable and cooler at the same settings all the time.


Thank you for your immediate response, extra care when applying the film, your neatness and professionalism on the job.

Denis J. Fu M.D

Mr.Keith Kishi of Ace Glass Tinting has been involved in the tining of lanai glass doors at the Ala Moana Hotel. Tinting of the lanai doors has helped to keep our rooms cooler and also prolonged the life of our carpet and drapes.


His work performance and flexibility in working with the hotel as been very good. Mr. Kishi and his employees have also conducted themselves in a very professional manner whenever they were at the hotel.


I am sure that the above mentioned qualities are important to you, as his customer, and I feel that you will not be disappointed.

Ron Takayama

It was a admirable pleasure working with a professional like yourself during the recent installation of the tint used in The Royal Capitol Plaza. Your company showed extreme attention and detail to the application of this superior product. Many residents has benefisted from your tint application within their own homes. You sure have given them "A Cooler Environment".

We look forward in having your presence here again in the very near future. Much Mahalo's to you and your professional team.

Mr.Ben Kapunkai, Residential Manager

I want to thank you and your crew for the outstanding work that your company performed at my personal residence and at our project located in the "pointe' at Hawaii Loa Ridge. Your demonstration and the outcome were as you said. The exception was that the look and heat reduction excited my expectations. Our company has a high standard to the quality of materials and the associated workmanship in relation to the materials used. As I mentioned to you, we shall include your Huper Optik product into our future projects.

In appreciation for your services, I also wish you all the continued success in your business.

Larry M. Stogdell

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