Because of our status as a historical property, the Chicago Water Tower had to have its original windows intact. We needed an energy-saving option that would preserve, and not replace. The film we selected Hüper Sech, was our solution." Read more

N. Mason, Visual Arts Program Manager

Upon completion of the installation of Acht, looking through the windows from the inside of the structure it is nearly impossible to see the difference of visibility through the glass, but reduced heat gain through the windows is very noticeable. Read more

Dale A., AIA, LEED AP, Project Manager

Our receptionist doesn't have to "squint" anymore, since Hüper's Drei was installed. It was causing tension headaches, and damaging our carpet and woodwork." Read more

Steve S., Facilities Manager

Our Energy Star rating went from 78 to 83. Since installing Hüper's Energy Saver Ceramic 35, we've had an overall savings YTD 2009 of $112, 609, over a 7-month period." Read more

Ed L., Engineer

he energy savings we needed had to have a very quick return on investment...that's why for Mayaguez Resorts, the Ceramic 30 was the best choice. We were able to decrease the tonnage on our chiller, and that really helped our bottom line." Read more

Facilities Manager, Mayaguez Resorts

We are delighted with film five years out from when we put it on the buses. We used the Hüper Optik Drei film. It has a cleaner look, and does a great job of reducing heat into the bus and blocking UV rays. Our police department has also commented to me how much they like the film, since they can... Read more

G. Kelly, Director, Phoenix Transit Authority

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