Lawrence W. Hindle, CEOE

My name is Lawrence W. Hindle and Iam the Director of engineering for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company in Maui, Hawai, My e-mail today is to provide you with some background information of projects I have completed years we completed a $100 million renovation of the Maui Marriott Resort and contracted Keith Kishi to install the Huper Optik C30 film on all 720 guest rooms and much cooler areas in the public spaces. We also noticed a drop in our cooling/chiller cost after the installation of the ceramic film. This installation was done in 50% of the guest rooms during "occupied" situations due to the very high occupancy of the property and the scheduled installation of the window film with programmable thermostats in all the guest rooms. Not only did Keith and his crew meet our schedule we also did not receive any guest related complaints due to them installing this product while the rooms were occupied.


At The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua we have installed the Huper Optik C30 film in all public spaces and meeting rooms and the result was just as dramatic. We are planning the installation of the window film in all 550 guest rooms during our planned renovations that will start in July 2007.


If I can provide you with any additional information please feel free to contact me directly.


Mahalo nui loa,

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