Duane A. Komine (ARM) Residential Manager

I would like to congratulate you and your company for doing a superior tinting job on Nauru Tower, We have experienced a cooler environment in our beautiful lounge and lobby area due to the tinting that cuts down the ultraviolet ray, heat and is also protecting our furniture from fading. Being that this building is surrounded by glass windows it attracts the sun and creates a very hot environment. The window tinting has tresmendously cut down the heat and glare and we are now experiencing a cool and comfortable atmoshpere.


Here at Nauru Tower our owner's, tenant's and visitor's are now enjoying the comfort ofour lobby and lounge as the tinting created a great addition of protection and serenity to their home.


Your employees were accurate, fast and courteous and worked with minimum direction. I am very thankful for the entire staff and their cooperation.


On behalf of myself and everyone here at Naura Tower, thank you for a job well done an we wish you a great success!

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California License # 998760
P.O. Box 23049
Honolulu, HI 96817
FAX: (808) 520-8050


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