Clark W. Holloros

We want to express our sincere appreciation and thank you and your technicians for the expert and professional installation of the Hüper Optik© Ceramic 30 windows film to the second and third floors of our commercial office building.


Since completion of the job we've noted a dramatic reduction of the heat and glare and are able to withdraw the blinds to let the view into our building as designed by the architects for the first time since we moved into our new build in January 2001. Our employees tell us how much cooler it is on both floors.


More significantly, during these periods of increased energy costs, our HVAC cooling system is operating much more efficiently, and the portion of the building facing the sun is noticeable cooler. Our reduced energy costs will undoubtedly save us thousands of dollars in the coming months and years and will pay for this installation.


The eye-pleasing aesthetic appearance of your exclusive film on the windows of our building is unparallel compared with other film samples installed for our consideration. Our building is much more open since the outside view is available, and the non-reflective nature of the film gives a rich and full appearance to our building.


The installation was challenging, and we appreciate the professional way in which your technicians worked with us on March 12, 14, 18 and 19, respectively, no minimize employee downtime and interruption in our work spaces. A.C.E. Window Tinting saved us thousands of dollars by applying the film in very tight and close areas surrounded by our workstations by not having to disassemble them, nor removing computers and wiring for data electrical and phone lines.


Needless to say we're completely satisfied with the installation and value you brought to us. We would highly recommend your company to anyone interested in window tinting. Thank you again for on installation that was prompt, professional, and flexible in making our environment a cooler place for us to work in.

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